Google Vs Mobile Food Pantry and their Take on Food Trucks

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Trust Google to know what’s trending and how to use it to promote their business. Last August and up to this month, Google has been seen giving out free food. Well, it’s almost free with a tiny catch. The Google food truck traveled around selected areas promoting Google Photos, their new photo storage and sharing app. To get the free food, you have to pay by using the app and submitting a photo online. However, the photo had to be on a specific topic. Customers who wanted free food had to get a keyword from the food truck staff. Using that keyword, they had to search for photos on their mobile phone using the app and doing it all under 20 seconds. Those who didn’t make the 20 second time clock would still get free food – but only the snack version, not the full serving. Continue reading »

The Burger Food Truck Fight: Where to find the best burgers on the go

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America is burger. It’s one of their contributions to the rest of the world although technically the United States cannot claim to have invented the burger. The US can boast of selling the burger and making it an international success. Today, there are hamburgers in every corner of the globe.

Who Has the Best Burger among US Food Trucks?

According to an online survey done late last year, the top burgers of America’s food trucks are:

  1. From Houston comes one of the best burgers in the US, Burger Bus which mimics a school bus in design but no one will ever say that the food is school-quality. Burger Bus is operated by Justin Turner who used to work for Wendy’s and the Miami Heat kitchen. Last June, he opened a brick and mortar version of his burger food truck but the 3 foods trucks still continue to happily and successfully roam the streets of Houston.
  2. Fukuburger from Las Vegas has an exotic burger menu which started operations in 2010. Their all-American burgers are given a touch of Japanese flavor like pickled red ginger and wasabi mayo. Their burgers attract customers not just because of the flavors but also because of the name of the food truck.
  3. Las Vegas has another fantastic burger food truck called Slidin’ Thru which sells mini burgers or sliders with ridiculous flavors. This food truck has been around for more than 4 years and has also expanded to a land-based restaurant. Some of their top sellers are Chicky Boom, Captain’s Order, Buffalo Soldier, and Pep Pep.
  4. Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers based in Miami is inspired by an ex-surfer legend who earned the nickname “The Boss” or Jefe. He started with wonderful fish tacos using his mother’s recipe. Jefe died in 1976 but a relative revived the food business and now sells amazing burgers and signature fish tacos – Ensenada-style.
  5. Fivetenburger owned by chef Roland Robles was once of the best burgers of San Francisco in 2013. His burgers are still selling like crazy because he used 100% grass-fed organic meat. He has expanded to 2 trucks operating around the San Francisco area and the choices have grown and include a vast amount of sidings and toppings.

There are dozens of other amazing food trucks selling burgers in every state and city across the country and around the world. This is not the complete list of lip-smacking burgers in the country.

Choosing Your Food Truck: Should You Buy Used or New?

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The biggest expense when setting up a food truck business is buying the food truck. And although the growth rate for new food trucks in the past 5 years is around 12.4% or over 4,000 food trucks now operating around the country, there are used food trucks being sold in the market. The question to answer then is whether to invest in a new truck or buy a used truck.

There are some people who believe in the superstition that buying second-hand or used items especially if it is connected to failure will mean trouble. If you think along these lines, you should buy a new food truck although it will cost you more and still give you a 50/50 chance of success or failure.

Other Factors That Should Be Considered

Superstition aside, there are other factors that must be considered when buying a truck. The first questions you should answer are:

  • How much storage do you need? How much cooking will you be doing?
  • Do you want gas or diesel?
  • Where do you plan to sell because there may be parking restrictions on size and length of truck?
  • Would you rather buy a food truck ready-to-use or buy a truck and customize it?
  • Are you willing to consider leasing a food truck?

A ready-to-use food truck will mean that you have to make do with the lay-out and plan around it whereas a customized truck can be outfitted to suit your business plan.  In addition, to order a custom-made food truck would take time to finish and this will delay the opening of your business. You are also taking a chance that the person you order the custom built food truck from is spot on with your instructions.

One way to decide on the truck to buy is to scout around at existing food trucks that are selling foods similar to what you have in mind. Many food truck owners are happy to discuss their business if you approach them properly and you could solicit excellent tips on buying your own truck.

Keep in mind that food trucks do not necessarily have to be trucks. You have other options like buying a minivan, cart on wheels, or a minibus. The idea is to tie down the food truck design to your business concept so it is attractive and a crowd-pleaser.