Food Trucks in Downtown London, Ontario: Soon To Be Around?

Canada is not behind the United States at all when it comes to the food truck business. In fact, food trucks across Canada are going through the same struggles in battling brick and mortar restaurants for a share in the food industry. The City of London in Ontario is one such case.

Within the next few days or weeks, the city council will vote on whether to allow food trucks into their downtown area. The proposal is being met with stiff resistance from existing restaurants in the downtown area so the council has scheduled a public town meeting to discuss all sides.

One of the concerns of brick and mortar restaurants is the mobility of food trucks that will allow them to be choosy on where to park and be able to move elsewhere when the crowds thin out. Others are worried about sanitation, food quality and preparation. The City of London could become dirtier because of food trucks.

Some of the suggestions to be discussed in the meeting are:

  • Distance restrictions
  • Standard health and safety requirements
  • Payment of property taxes
  • Not selling food that competes directly with a brick and mortar restaurant close by

In Canada, there are some amazing food trucks to try. If you find yourself in Toronto, watch out for Gourmet Gringos with their Mexican food and satisfying servings of waffle and ice cream. In St. Catherine’s in Ontario is a food truck called El Gastronomo Vagabundo which serves delicious and filling snacks. They have Asian-inspired food like miso soup and tom yum and some of the tastiest salads and comfort foods.

Gorilla Cheese is always attracting customers wherever it parks. Their grilled sandwiches are good as snacks or a dessert. Other food trucks in Ontario are the Blue Donkey, Ben and Jerry ice cream, Bonfire Catering with great wood-fired pizzas, and Caplansky’s Deli Truck, among many others.