New Orleans City Council On Plans To Change City Ordinances on Food Trucks

The City Council president of New Orleans, Stacy Head announced plans to change the ordinances for food trucks in the city. These changes include adding the number of permits to be issued in select areas of the city such as the Central Business District.

In response, a group of restaurant owners in the Central Business District have decided to get a petition going to convince the city council to change their minds. Their concern is mainly that food trucks would eat away at their revenue and entice their customers to opt for food truck products instead of eating in their establishments. The petition is led by Reuben Laws, owner of The Store, a casual restaurant in the heart of the business district favored by executives, middle managers, and non-profit officers.

In the petition, which was full of exclamation points to emphasize their anger and concern, they mention how their investment will be affected if the new ordinance is passed in February. The number of persons who have signed the petition is about 175 but it is expected to increase in the next few days.

The current ordinance limits food vendors to 100 only selling their products for a maximum of 45 minutes. It also disallows food trucks to conduct their business within 600 feet of schools and restaurants. The proposed changes were discussed in an earlier meeting last October 2012 wherein the public was allowed to participate.

Several council members have said they would like to see more food choices especially near their offices at the City Hall but would also like to protect the restaurant business owners by coming up with the right zoning.