The Snack Meal: America’s Latest Food Trend

With so much talk last year about obesity and the need to downsize soda drinks in New York, etc. many Americans began to eat less during meal time but snack more in between meals. For some reason, this made sense because eating mini-sized meals on-the-go does not look make you look like you’re over-eating; it makes you look busy and important.

This is great news for the food truck business because they play an important role in bringing the right nutrients to their menu thus keeping Americans happy. They are also the perfect alternative to eating chips and fried fast foods which we all know are loaded by calories.

In a 2010 study done by Technomic, a Chicago-based research firm, 55% of American consumers eat at least one snack a day and 26% eat more than one snack a day. For food truck business owners, serving quick and delicious snacks or mini meals becomes an all-day affair if they can find a location that will allow them to set up shop for more than a couple of hours during a working day.

The Top 10 Favorite Snacks or Mini Meals

Technomic also surveyed the top favorite snacks of American consumers in Chicago, and the results can probably be a great hint for other major cities around the country. The top ingredient was chicken, preferably boneless, in a variety of dishes like nuggets, wraps, Buffalo wings, fried chicken, and strips. The least favorite were catfish, steak sandwiches, DIY sandwiches, and pork ribs.

The reasons given by those surveyed in choosing the snacks they love more was convenience in eating, nothing messy, easy to dispose of, and nutritious. It was also important that the mini meals were affordable and familiar. Not many consumers wanted to try outlandish food ideas or dishes they never heard of before. However, they will be willing to try international dishes at least once as long as they are presented well.