The Role of a Food Truck Manager

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It’s not the easiest job in the food service business mainly because customers are literally “in your face” waiting for their food and expecting something spectacular. Most customers immediately give their feedback through non-verbal messages like a frown, smile, or a “Oh, yeah!” In addition to dealing with all kinds of customers, a food truck manager also has to work in such limited space together with one or two other people. Each day can be extremely hectic and demanding. To break down the role of a food truck manager for those interested in opening their own food truck or planning on hiring a person to run their food truck business, here are some of the critical responsibilities needed for the smooth operations and a higher chance of getting your ROI back sooner.

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Accounting Basics for a Food Truck Business

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A person who goes into the food truck business because of a love of food will eventually be turned off by the business if he or she sees that the business is bleeding dry. In other words, c

The Basics of Accounting

The money you use to start a food truck business is called starting capital. As a general rule, start-up capital pays for the food truck, supplies, salaries, permits, marketing, packaging, and equipment. Once your business starts, you have to have a revolving fund. You can get this initially from your start-up capital but you should be able to tap into your gross profits to keep the fund from being depleted. Continue reading »