Food Truck Hopping in LA: The Unusual Date You Might Want To Try Next

If you’re looking for a new way to impress the woman of your dreams, you might want to try a food truck hopping date. Of course, your date should be willing to walk around sampling different food and have a genuine love for food.

The key in food truck hopping on your date is to know ahead of time where the best food trucks are and having things to do in between food trucks. Some of the top food trucks you should try to find are the Grilled Cheese Truck, Buttermilk Truck, Komodo, and Kogi BBQ.

Grilled Cheese Truck has something better than what you can make at home. They use quality cheese; a variety of local produce and some fantastic food ideas that will make your mouth salivate just smelling the flavors as they cook the sandwich. It’s a great way to start your date as you can use this as your appetizer and even share a sandwich as a lovey-dovey couple.

For your main course, you have a choice of Komodo or Kogi BBQ. Komodo is the idea of Chef Erwin Tjahyadi so you can expect a gourmet meal of 5-star quality without the service, of course. The food is a wonderful mix of French and Asian flavors and every bite is a testimony to all the awards and accolades he has received from working in top events like the Daytime Emmy’s Awards Sony PS Launch Party and the American Film Institute Awards Gala.

Kogi BBQ is another exciting food truck idea which has been creating waves as being super delicious Korean barbeque. They also serve Korean Mexican tacos and so you can save this as your second course before you bring your date to a dessert food truck.

A great dessert food truck would be the Buttermilk Truck which serves donuts, pancakes, waffles, and other pastries all made with buttermilk. It’s not your usual dessert fare but the flavors are incredible and the food is always made fresh.