Welcome To Another New Cyber Craze: Food Truck Apps

Are you having problems tracking down your favorite food truck? It would appear that this has become a concern among quite a number of consumers which is why there are now food truck apps you can download on your phone to find the food cravings you want NOW.

Of course, it is important to get the right food truck mobile app because the app may not have your favorite snacks on their list. Also, some of these apps charge for every download and while it may be a mere $0.99 per download, it is worth a fortune after you find out that your best food truck is not listed. Thus, aside from knowing what the top mobile food truck apps are, you should also get them on your social media network like Twitter first to find out just how active they are on the net and if they tweet about your best food truck experience.

Food Truck Fiesta

Image Source: play.google.com

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Are Food Trucks Profitable? How To Get Started

Image Source: restaurantnews.com

Food carts or food trucks have been around since the 17th century and this is a definite sign that it is a business idea that works – with the right business plan and menu. It was because of food trucks that the term “chuck wagon” came about. These were food trucks designed to feed cattlemen on the road. Also before the 1900s, dog carts existed that sold hotdogs and sausages to students of Yale, Cornell, Harvard, and Princeton. Fast forward to a few years ago in 2008, Kogi BBQ hit the roads in Los Angeles and help reignite cravings for more creative food for people on the move.
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