The Intriguing Mauritius Street Food

The Best Street Food in the Island

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Mauritius is an island nation that is part of the African continent and home of the now extinct dodo bird. On a global scale, this 788 square mile volcanic island is barely getting any attention – and in this day and time, that’s actually a very good sign of stability.

The street food of Mauritius is a fantastic blend of European, Asian, and African flavors and has been dubbed “culinary heaven” by those who have visited and sampled the food. In fact, if there is any country that must be visited for its extraordinary yet simple food – it’s Mauritius.
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The Incredible Ingenuity of the e-Tuk Food Truck

The tuk tuk, pronounced as took took, is a public vehicle found mainly in Thailand. It’s their version of a taxi or a trishaw because it uses a motorcycle engine and has a cabin for passengers to ride. A Dutch company has embarked on creating fun tuk tuk vehicles for something other than carting passengers around. One of their ingenious inventions is turning the tuk tuk into a food cart or food mini truck. Tuk Tuk Factory has been getting international attention because of their tuk tuk fun electric vehicles because they cost less as an investment and to operate.

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One of the most popular food trucks in Montreal is the Thai Tuk Tuk called LeTukTuk. They serve traditional Thai food like Pad Thai, sticky rice, and green papaya salad. The chef is from Thailand but moved to Montreal 5 years ago. Chef Max has been cooking Thai food since he was 16 and served Thai dishes cooked in North East and Central Thai ways.

Another tuk tuk food truck outside of Thailand is in Detroit although they do not use the electric tuk tuk vehicle but your typical food truck. However, their food is authentic Thai with the genuine Thai spices. An even better example of the tuk tuk food truck is in Hawaii where a school bus was converted into a food truck selling Thai food. This food truck has been doing very well since opening and one of the complaints was the long line to buy food.  In fact, it can take up to an hour to wait just to order your food and the truck is known to close early because they run out of ingredients.

Tuk Tuk Factory decided to finally test their eTuks last year with a vendo-style mobile coffee shop to be placed in busy places mainly airports across Europe. According to the man behind eTuk Vendos, Sander de Block, “The idea is that the electrical power of the tuk tuk – which obviously looks nice to start with – can also run appliances, making it an autonomous shop.” With his concept, the idea is to bring the food and coffee to the people which should increase its sale. The eTuk is capable of handling different food equipment from coffee makers to ice cream vending machines, refrigerators, and solar panels to avoid draining the battery.

The company is also planning to create party spaces with eTuk for small groups of 6 and offer limousine services.