This Summer’s Top Food Trucks in Melbourne

Australia’s summer months start  in December and end in February thus it is the middle of the hot summer months Down Under and the Aussies are out having the time of their lives in beaches and water parks while most of North America and Europe are freezing. It also means that Australia’s food trucks are all out in full glory and aiming to entice tourists and locals to sample their food. Here are the top 10 best food trucks you can find in Melbourne out of the 81 food trucks roaming the streets of Melbourne.

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The Taco Truck has over 40,000 Likes on social media has managed to captivate residents of Melbourne with its creative tacos. They offer 6 varieties of soft tacos with sidings and a rather extensive drinks list that includes wine, beer, and margaritas. And their fish tacos come highly recommended!

Beatbox Kitchen is owned by the same operator of the Taco Truck and is known as the first “real food truck” in Melbourne. It serves huge burgers and fries with generous servings of cheese. You can pile on the patties if you want for an additional price of $3. With more than 28,000 Likes on Facebook, this food truck either has a lot of friends or serves excellent burgers!

Gumbo Kitchen is another senior food truck that started its operations in 2011. It serves New Orleans cuisine which means spicy food with a lot of oomph especially their crispy pork belly.  Also popular on their menu are the hush puppies, buffalo fried chicken and of course, the gumbo.

Mr. Burger is one of the few food trucks that offer gluten free food. Their food is simple, hot, and spicy – if you want it with jalapenos. Although the feedback on Mr. Burger is split about 90% do agree that you should try their gourmet burgers at least once.

Happy Camper Pizza serves thin crust pizza with a variety of toppings even dessert toppings. Their food truck is a 1960s Airstream which in itself is a novelty already. Their pizza crust is crispy without being burnt and the ingredients are all high quality and fresh.  They are vegan friendly, accept orders for delivery, and will accept reservations.

Other food trucks that should be sampled are Ghost Kitchen (Taiwanese), Lil Nom Noms (Vietnamese), Yogurddiction, Hammer and Tong for its soft shell crab burger, and Little Mushroom Co for mushroom burgers.

Food Trucks Around The World

The United States is usually the leader in commercial and business ideas and when gourmet food trucks began to appear in 2008, many business people from around the world began to follow suit. If you are planning to travel within the year, you can try chasing down one of these food trucks for a whole new food experience that’s very similar to what we have right here.

In Berlin, the food truck business is not as proliferate as in the U.S. but there is one place you can go to experience food served hot and quick from food trucks. It is located in southern Prenzlauer Berg near the Senefelder Platz.  On certain Saturdays, they have a Food Night Market. Two of the most popular food trucks here are the Beijing Flying Dumplings and the Pornothunder Tapas. In other parts of Berlin, a popular street food is the doner kebab which is sold in food carts or kiosks.

Don’t be surprised to find a taco food truck in Paris because one enterprising business person decided it’s time to bring in … Cantine California! It serves organic tacos, cupcakes, fries, and fresh tortillas. Another food truck is the Le Camion Qui Fume which is owned by an American, Kristine Frederick who sells burgers for 10 Euros. Although these two business owners had a difficult time setting up and getting city permits, they are now part of the ambience with French guitarists playing beside Kristine’s truck which is parked on a quaint cobblestone street on the Right Bank. There are other food trucks around the city selling pizza, sausages, crepes, and sandwiches.

The Traveling C.O.W. is Singapore’s first food truck and it was launched in late 2012. Business owner, Karen Cheng decided it was time to introduce Singaporeans to the food truck craze with their menu consisting of gourmet bistro food. It was a struggle to get the city to approve the license – mobile wagon – being the first in the country which only approved in late November.

In Sydney, Australia food trucks have become quite the hit where there is a good choice of Asian, Asian fusion, Mexican, organic, BBQ, and vegetarian food trucks roaming the city.  London also has its fabulous Kimchi Cult among many other food trucks. Located at Eat St in Kings Cross Station, one will find more than 12 mobile restaurants offering a wide selection of international and local cuisine. Kimchu Cult is a Korean-inspired food truck which serves beef burgers and a side dish of kimchi.