Food Trucks That Have Gone On To Bigger Things

When food trucks began showing up over 10 years ago, it did not create a big impact except to be another alternative to fast food joints. Then, something happened and suddenly food trucks became big business sprouting dozens of food trucks around the world. The race was on to be grab the bigger slice of the market in what was seen as the new “gold rush” for ordinary folks looking for extra income.

Now, amateur cooks are becoming experts in the food business and quite a number have moved on to bigger things – their own sit-down restaurants.

Burrasca Food Cart

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Burrasca started as a food cart in Portland in 2013 selling Tuscan food. They started very lean with on a cash-only basis and one part-time employee and a full time chef. Initially, their idea was to test the market with their food then start crowdfunding to put up their own restaurant. Last December 2014, they decided to go for it and raise $12,000 to open their own brick and mortar. With help from 148 backers and loyal customers, they were able to raise almost $13,800.

They now have their restaurant which is getting excellent results including top reviews on Trip Advisor and other websites.


LudoBird is the offshoot of Ludo Truck in Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s fried chicken was rated one of Los Angeles’ best by Zagat and has been called the “impresario of pop-up dining.” Chef Ludo comes from France and has cooked in Michelin-starred restaurants but his food truck fried chicken is fun, affordable, and not fussy.  He has other restaurants like the Trois Mec and Petit Trois so he knows the business inside out. He says the food truck is fun and different and people are more willing to try new things with a food truck than a restaurant.

Kogi Barbecue

Kogi barbecue in Los Angeles is the poster food tuck for the industry. It’s one of the best known food trucks that is known for its kimchi quesadillas and short rib tacos. Now, Kogi by Roy Choi is a food empire and does catering alongside 5 brick and mortar businesses, including a stall at LAX Terminal 4. Choi still operates Kogi food trucks around Los Angeles.

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