Back To Basic: Boston’s Street Food Made Even More Delicious

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Did you know that street food in Boston started way back in the 18th century? During those times, Boston did not have a central market so food vendors would walk around selling their food or food ingredients like fruits, vegetables, meats, and even seafood.

Now that Boston has come full circle with street food, it’s interesting to note that some of the top sellers on Boston’s streets are the basics.

Boston Super Dog

One of the best-selling foods in Boston is the hotdog and you can’t find a better one than the Speed’s Famous Hot Dog wagon. According to Wall Street Journal, it’s America’s best hot dog whose recipe was created by Ezra “Speed” Anderson about 30 years ago. His apprentice, Greg Gale took over the operations when Speed retired 5 years ago who has tried to reinvent some of the recipes while retaining some of the good ol’ dog recipes of Speed plus his amazing special sauce.

Clover Food Lab

Vegetarian and vegan food is on the rise and Boston’s got Clover Food Lab to pit against the best of the best. The concept comes from an MIT graduate, Ayr Muir who believes in quick, quality food for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack time. Try the banana muffins, popovers, sandwiches, salads, and fries with a great cup of Barrington Coffee. Do they have a special vegan dish? They’re all delicious and food you’d want to come back for more – even if you’re not a vegetarian. Expect long lines especially during lunch hour!

Daddy’s Fried Dough

If you’re hungry for a quick snack and find yourself in Park Street Station, head for Daddy’s Fried Dough which is the perfect snack to tide you over until dinner. It’s deep fried dough that can be topped with your choice of filling or topping or the simple sugar and cinnamon classic favorite.

Other amazing food from Boston you must try are the pot pies, bread puddings, clam chowder, burgers, and the winners of the top food trucks in Boston. For 2012 it was the Mei Mei food truck and this year, a strong contender is the Bon Me sandwiches, rice bowls, and soba noodles!

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