Welcome To Another New Cyber Craze: Food Truck Apps

Are you having problems tracking down your favorite food truck? It would appear that this has become a concern among quite a number of consumers which is why there are now food truck apps you can download on your phone to find the food cravings you want NOW.

Of course, it is important to get the right food truck mobile app because the app may not have your favorite snacks on their list. Also, some of these apps charge for every download and while it may be a mere $0.99 per download, it is worth a fortune after you find out that your best food truck is not listed. Thus, aside from knowing what the top mobile food truck apps are, you should also get them on your social media network like Twitter first to find out just how active they are on the net and if they tweet about your best food truck experience.

Food Truck Fiesta

Image Source: play.google.com

This mobile app is very active on Twitter and you will see the different food trucks they have on their list. Of course, you can also go to their website to find them and their truck list which is quicker if you’re really hungry.

This app costs 99 cents and will work on Android phones and iPhones. Included in their app are events, food truck catalogue, a live map and constant updates on locations, special deals, and interesting details. They have more than 18,000 Twitter followers and is the place to go if you are looking for a retired food truck to start your own food truck business.

Roaming Hunger

This mobile app is also on social media with over 16,000 Twitter followers and over 11,500 Likes on Facebook. Aside from providing locations and maps, this mobile app has categorized their listings according to meals, vendors, and location. The app is free to download and covers 6 cities: LA, Denver, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.

Eat St

This is an app by the Eat St show on Food Network and covers North America. The mobile app is free to download and can almost guarantee accurate locations since it allows food trucks to update their locations, working hours, and menu. They appear to have an open system where app user can add new food trucks although you will know more about these additional food trucks because their profiles are usually bare and empty. They admit to not always been spot on except for the stationary food trucks and carts.

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