Retail Fashion Trucks: The Next Big Thing?

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Brick and mortar restaurants might want to start pushing a potentially new blockbuster business idea to get the stress of having to fight for customers from roving food trucks. An innovative business woman just started a truck business – but she isn’t selling food. She’s selling fashion around the Washington DC area. It’s a pink business truck known as Street Boutique and it is starting to create waves as it parks around the DC area selling beautiful accessories and clothing.

Now, selling clothes on the streets is not a new idea. It’s been around for centuries and still is very common in many underdeveloped and touristy countries. However, most of the items sold on streets are either very commercial or of very cheap quality.

Perhaps it is time to challenge fashion empires with a rolling store that sells trendy clothes and beautiful accessories especially for working men and women who may need a change of clothing or do not have time to go shopping during their lunch break or after work.

The keys to a successful rolling boutique are a quick-changing inventory and forward-thinking (in terms of fashion trends) business owner. It’s about being in the right place and having the right items at the right price. However, the price advantage for now for a rolling boutique would be charging for the convenience. People will buy at a slightly higher price if the item they want is available immediately and without having to out of their way. It also plays on impulse buying which is a tremendous marketing angle with the proper merchandising display and creativeness.

With Street Boutique as the example to follow, it would also be a good idea to have variety. People will even consider gift-buying from rolling boutique stores because it would mean not having to deal with crowded malls and long cashier lines.

The Street Boutique also allows customers to walk into the truck and look around. The biggest issues you may have to hurdle are: petty thefts, marketing, and lack of space. Thus far, Street Boutique is getting a lot of excellent reviews from new customers who appear to veer towards being loyal customers eventually.  For Street Boutique, the truck required lower capital to set up which meant being able to buy more inventories. Whether this becomes a new fashion business trend or not remains to be seen but for now, its uniqueness and convenience is encouraging.

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