New Food Trucks Around The US

Summer’s here and so are the food trucks but to add more flavor to the season are the new food trucks with their interesting slants on what they think will catch the eyes of the growing number of food truck lovers. Some of the new food trucks to look out for are:

In Seattle … Nibbles!

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Nibbles is a food truck with current address at the West Seattle Eagles parking every lunch time from Mondays to Fridays except Thursdays. Owned and operated by chefs Robert Breckenridge and partner Carmen Hernandez, this food truck’s specialty is Southwest fusion food.  Their menu includes a smoky meatloaf sandwich, salmon chili, smoked chicken salad, apple cake, and drinks.

From Des Moines … 4 new food trucks!

Powered By Fries has only done a handful of events but their Belgian fries are creating waves in des Moines. Their fries are twice-fried making them  which are crispy delicious on the outside but soft and fresh when you bite into them. They also have toppings to layer on the fries like orange sauce, kimchi, pepper cream, cilantro, and cheese and onions.

Street Eats DSM is a few months old and its main product is called sammiches with hand-cut fries. Sammwiches are either meat with barbeque sauce or veggies with fruit.

Ferinheit Wood Oven Pizza just opened their food truck which is equipped with a wood oven! Their bestsellers are the taco pizza and the Sweet Lou pizza which is a combo of Italian deli meat with egg and sweet peppers.

SushiGo may be a popular board for many but it is also now a food truck dream for Amanda Trenbeth and Erik Imiger. They promise to serve fresh fish which are hand cut and sealed properly for freshness. They also promise their customers that they will never serve day old sushi and aim to reach sales that would require them to buy fish daily. Aside from traditional sushi, they serve large sushi rolls that look like burritos.

From all these new food trucks you can expect a lot of changes and tweaks as all the owners are gung-ho on making it this food truck season and being around for many years as regulars and most-favored food trucks in their respective areas.

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