Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: How To Find Your Fav Food Truck

paniniOne of the biggest drawbacks of the food truck industry is that you can never tell when your favorite food truck will simply vanish. With the growth in the food truck industry soaring in the past few years, local governments are working overtime to put some semblance of order to what they see as mayhem and to answer brick and mortar business owners’ outcry over the loss of income from food trucks.

One such food truck that feel victim to the interests of restaurant owners in the DC area is the Pinup Panini food truck. They announced their plans to close shop because the new government regulations were proving to be too much for them.

Pinup Panini is owned and operated by Cori Bryant and in the course of 12 months or so, he has had to undergo 3 extensive changes in his food trucks in order to comply with new city ordinances. Bryant simply said, she “just can’t afford the war on trucks.”

How then does one deal with looking forward to your favorite food truck meal and get shocked when it isn’t where it’s suppose to be. Aside from having to brush aside that annoying feeling that the meal you want is going to be a treasure hunt of sorts, you’ll also need to find alternative food in the meantime. Here are some suggestions on what you should do:

Look Up Alternative “Food Truck Friendly” Zones

Arlington is the new food truck stop for many food truck businesses out of DC. It’s a friendlier zone and it’s just across the river. However, Arlington officials are starting to discuss the implementing rules for food trucks concentrating mainly on operating hours and sites. The good news is that they are also thinking of opening new sites.

Check Social Websites, Apps

Another great way to find your favorite food truck would be through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Majority of food truck owners have an active account in one or more of these platforms. You could also download apps that provide locations of food trucks. Then there are the food truck guides that are available online. Finally, look up food festivals in your area. There’s a pretty high chance of finding your favorite meal in these festivals.

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