From Farm To Your Table: A New Street Food Concept Worth Looking Into

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Lunchbox is a unique street food truck that has been getting quite a bit of publicity through word of mouth. This food truck is unlike any other because it gives free tacos to children all throughout summer. It is known as The Lunchbox.

The goal is to feed the hungry and was an idea of and the Green Mountain Farm-to-School organization. They concentrate on the northern Vermont area which is a rural part of the country. Aside from the tacos, they sell farm fresh vegetables, eggs, and other relevant staples for parents. This part of Vermont is one of the areas where the poverty level is 18% which is double that of the state. About one-third of the children are overweight while 50% are eligible for free lunches or discounted lunches from the food truck.

The organization also encourages local schools to start their own garden and get the children involved in growing their own produce. The first school garden was built in 2005 and was a test case that proved to be successful, prompting other schools to follow suit.

The organization encourages people to buy the local produce instead of relying on commercial goods. The formula has proven successful among the children and the harvest from school gardens are used in the school’s cafeteria. Most children are willing to eat vegetables that they know came from the school garden.

The Lunchbox also coordinates with the schools to trade the school’s harvest or bring farm produce to schools as part of their goal to uplift the local economy. Many of the locals also go straight to the schools and local farms to buy the fresh produce. The organization hopes to take their program to a national level by 2020

The benefits of the organization is to create a community where everyone supports each other as well as focus on the proper education of the children in a way that would be good for them in their adult years.

As far as food trucks are concerned. The Lunchbox is not an original name. There are several food trucks that use the word or words “lunchbox” or “lunch box.” However, one thing’s for sure: no one can compare to the commitment and drive of this special food truck that use free tacos to attract and help school children and their families learn  more about healthy eating and good food.

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