Food Trucks, Food-On-The-Go, There’s Just Nothing Quite Like Street Food

seattle-street-foodAlthough we’ve been focusing on food trucks, it’s about time we expand to the larger concept of street food. The food truck is just one part of the entire spectrum of food-on-the-go. There’s a wonderful and exciting world of street food just waiting to be discovered, sampled, and enjoyed. This is one food trip you won’t regret going on as we travel to new locations and learn about street food from all around the world. Who knows? The next food truck to come your way may suddenly sound familiar because it was introduced to you right here on this site!

What Is Street Food?

Anything you can buy from the streets and eat right away is considered street food. It can come from a cart, kiosk, stall, truck, table, or even from a person walking around with a tray of succulent appetizers or finger food. Historically, they date as far back as the days of ancient Rome with food hawkers and stalls. Now, they are gleaming, glorious and tempting food fares that can make your stomach grumble from anticipation even from a distance away.

It used to be that street food didn’t need utensils. They were served on small paper plates, barbecue sticks, or napkins. With the growth of the food trucks, you now see food being served that need utensils – and that’s great because it’s a sign that street food has become acceptable and palatable to more people.

Furthermore, in many countries around the world, governments have stepped in to make sure street food areas are sanitary and clean. Whereas once street food was mainly bought by people on a budget, it is now gone upscale and fashionable to be seen buying from a trendy new food stall or cart.

The 2013 Street Food Trends

To get you excited about street food, here are some of the latest trends to pop up on street food from around the world. We can get to the traditional food on sticks and bizarre menus later on. For now, it’s time to start salivating at these delish food ideas:

The Cupcakes are Going, Going, Gone! Here Come The Friands!

A friend is a petite French cakes made from egg whites and almond flour. They’re light fluffy, moist yet chewy bite-size pastries that look like muffins. Friands are usually baked using berries but the recent offers now have amazing flavors like pistachio, chocolate, amaretto, raspberries, and even figs.

 Chinese Pancakes: Jiang Bing

A typical Chinese breakfast is either boiled egg, porridge, or noodles. Jiang Bing is common in the streets of Shanghai and is a midday snack as well as breakfast food. Cooked right in front of you, it is like a mini crepe except it’s crunchy and has soybean sauce, egg, chili paste and green onions. If you’re feeling the Monday Blues, this pancake is sure to put a kick in your step with it mild spicy and sugary flavor.

Something to Look Forward To

If you’re still not convinced that street food is doing an amazing come-back, check the Internet. There is so much information about new food ideas that have come from street food stalls and are being brought to the mainstream and even brick and mortar restaurants. Call them comfort food, unusual cheap finds, or just plain delicious, street food is here to stay.

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