What You Need To Know About Operating a Food Truck for 2016

Image Source: ithinkbigger.com

Image Source: ithinkbigger.com

With 2016 looming, the prospects of being part of the food truck industry for the new year is promising, very promising. Imagine being able to start and own your own business in a time when the economy is not really doing so well – on a local, national, and even global scale. Being captain of your financial ship is an enticing treat since it will allow you to enjoy greater control over your income and maybe even allow you to do earn more from just one income source.

To operate a food truck in 2016, there are several tips you should be aware of.

Tip #1 Operating a food truck is harder than it sounds.

There is the romantic notion of running a food truck but if you don’t know the realities of this business, you will be terribly challenged and disappointed. Operating a food truck is hard work. It’s manual labor, physically draining, mentally challenging, and you have to be pleasant all the time or you won’t get return customers. You assume the role of purchaser, cook, dishwasher, Jack of all trades, delivery boy, general manager, server, driver, repair person, and maintenance guy.

Be ready to assume all roles. Do not be picky and grumble about doing stuff you find demeaning. Find satisfaction in the ordinary jobs and you will do alright.

Tip# 2 Be flexible about location.

While location is important, more important is being in special events where you are sure the crowds will be like music festivals, country fairs, and flea markets. There will be late nights and early mornings but as long as you schedule the events with rest days in between, you will love the business and the income it will bring in.

Tip# 3 Listen to your customers and competitors.

You may think you have the best menu in the world but if no one agrees with you, then your food truck is doomed. You need to listen to the comments and actively solicit feedback. You don’t have to follow everyone but give each serious consideration. It also pays to know who your market is so you know who to listen to and who to shrug off.

Tip# 4 Prepare for lean months.

The food truck business is seasonal so have a back-up plan for the lean months. For instance, you could have a mini version of your food truck to put inside malls or covered events during the cold months or you could have a second business whose peak time is the lean months of the food truck. For example, if you have a special meat sauce, why not pack them for selling online? You will have to invest a little more to get this other project going but once it kicks off, you could have a winner that will compliment your food truck operations.

Finally, don’t forget to use social media to market your business. If you don’t know how to do it, get someone with experience to help you out.


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