The Weirdest Food Truck Menus From Around the World

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From sandwiches to drinks, food trucks are now so popular that food truck owners have to come up with something groundbreaking – even weird – to tempt the palate of passers-by. Here are some of the more outlandish food truck menus to hit the road that just might do that for you.

From the United States

  • Java crunch handmade ice cream from Frozen Hoagies in Boston looks like the classic ice cream truck that used to ply the residential roads decades ago.
  • Spudwiches with assorted fillings look yummy from 1 Potato Two from Tuckerton
  • Meatloaf cups from Meatloaf-A-Go-Go in Chicago are always a surprise because they don’t look like meatloaf! They even have one topped with angel hair pasta!
  • Kalua pg sliders from The Spot in Des Moines serves pork cooked in an underground oven which is a Hawaiian cooking method. This food truck offers many other sandwiches from chicken to vegan.
  •  Stuffed fish-shaped waffles is definitely a must-try for foodies in Seattle. They claim to be the first Taiyaki food truck which is comfort food in Japan.
  • Taco over truffle popcorn does  sound strange but somehow it works and if you happen to be in the LA area, you should give it a try!
  • Reindeer sausage from Urban Bamboo in Alaska
  • Alligator with Pear taco from The Funky Taco in Boise also offers a lot of choices especially for vegans

From Different Asian Cities

  • Chicken feet on skewers is available in almost every Asian city and sold on the streets in carts rather than food trucks
  • Vietnam streets offer a variety of lovely but bizarre food ideas like worm cakes to frog legs finished off with a hot cup of Vietnamese green tea or coffee. The best part about buying Vietnamese street food is the burst of flavor and the price!
  • Tofu fries is a street food staple in Taiwan and aside from being healthy, it goes with almost any meal.

From Europe

Street food and food trucks in Europe are often found to have a little bit (or a lot of) American inspiration. For example, while traveling around Europe, you might come across a squid fan sandwich on French baguette with a slightly spicy siding of coleslaw or fried Spanish anchovies served with salt and lemon. While in France, there are also foie gras topping on fried potato chips with a pinch of garlic aioli!

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