The Street Food of Notting Hill

Notting Hill is special not just because of the Julia Roberts movie but because it is truly a magical place in the sense that it has fashion, culture, history, pop icons, a carnival, and the amazing Portobello Road markets.

Every August Notting Hill is buzzing with people from all over the world as they celebrate the second largest carnival in the world, the Notting Hill Carnival. Up to 2 million people are in Notting Hill during this time and the food choices are nothing short of spectacular and varied.

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There are street food stalls all over the place selling international fare like meat dishes, chicken, curries, fruits, sausages, bread, gelato, crepes, pizza, fish and chips, vegetables, drinks, pies, churros, ice cream, paella, sandwiches – you name it and you’ll probably find something similar on sale. There are also cooking demonstrations, cook books for sale, raw ingredients, spices, and herbs

If street food is not what you want to eat all day long, you can always step into the 2 Michelin restaurants along Notting Hill or the pubs and coffee shops that litter the area. From Caribbean to British, from Asian to American food the whole carnival is a gastronomic feast for the eyes, nose and mouth.

A common tip often heard being given to visitors of Notting Hill before they make their way to Portobello Road market is to bring a lot of cash, wear a comfortable pair of shoes, and don’t bother to eat first.

Some of the best street foods you can find in Portobello Road market are:

The cheese! – There are several vendors selling all kinds of cheese which you can take home with you or eat while walking. If you want to eat it on the spot, the vendor will slice some cheese and place it on a baguette with some veggies, herbs, and olive oil.

Homemade Churros – Of course they are served with Spanish chocolate and are a must-try.

Pizzas – The pizzas are served freshly cooked with crunchy dough, thick, spicy sauce, and a variety of toppings and cheeses that will satiate your hunger for hours.

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