The Street Food Of London: How The Street Food Is Faring

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London has recently enjoyed a welcome spike in street food offers and the good news is that the new street food is more than traditional English fare. Today, there are more international goodies on the streets of London than ever before. This has prompted one group to conduct a study on the best street foods in London.

Santa Maria is a spice supplier company in Northern Europe specializing in Mexican spices. They decided to speak face-to-face with around 150 customers of street food vendors from around London. They limited their interviews to 4 major locations and 120 menus around the city.

Of these people interviewed, half admit to buying street food once a week while 20% said they buy more regularly from street food vendors. The top 5 most popular cuisines are British, Thai, Mexican, Indian, and Chinese food while the top choices in menus are sandwiches and noodles. A decent meal from street food vendors costs about 5 pounds although many of the people interviewed willingly spend more for food they like. With over 80% of the 150 buying their lunch from street food vendors, pubs have begun to feel the difference. This has led to pubs starting to offer quick lunch menus which you can walk in, buy, and take out – just like you would with a street food vendor.

A few of the top street food vendors you should try when in London are:

When Mac Met Cheese – This is the best Mac and Cheese meal you can find on the streets of London. They move around the city and do not have a permanent location but they’re worth hunting down if only to try their Carlos the Cactus meal which is a combination of several cheeses and spices.

The Orange Buffalo – This is a street food vendor that sells crispy Buffalo wings with yummy homemade sauces.

Daddy Donkey –This vendor sells fabulous burritos which started as a food truck and has upgraded to a permanent restaurant. Their recipes have remained faithful and their burritos are always served fresh and hot.

Other street food offers are Mama’s Jerk Station, Burger Bear Tom, Mother Clucker, Chin Chin Labs, Jamon Jamon, The Bow Van, Pizza Pilgrims, The Cheeky Indian, Morty’s and Bob’s and Kooky Bakes.




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