The Start of the 2016 Food Truck Season; What You Can Expect and Be Excited About

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The food truck season 2016 is underway and a lot of interesting, tantalizing, and new food ideas are expected. This year, expect there to be more food truck festivals that are more organized with better attractions and sumptuous food. However, since the past years food trucks have enjoyed immense popularity, it is very likely that the competition will be fiercer and it might be tougher to get into the festivals or prime locations unless you book a spot well in advance. And even with advance booking, organizers will be selective about the food truck choices so as not to have the too much of the same food concept.

Tips on Getting Asked to Food Festivals

  • Look up the calendar of organizers, local governments, and public venues
  • Consider offering the organizer something like free snack or drinks for the organizer and his team.  It can become part of your marketing budget because these are the people who will be in control of the event and walking around holding your food or drinks. The exposure will be tremendous!
  • Volunteer. You can help set-up, provide manpower (your staff), or supply basic needs like water, first aid, or other essentials
  • Be a sponsor for the entertainment. You can negotiate a barter deal that will not require you to give out cash but food or drinks to the band or singers
  • Go over the calendar and look for long weekends. It’s better to join a festival that runs for the entire weekend than be in a one-day event.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the 2016 food and drinks trends are:

  • Locally grown produce and locally sourced seafood and meats
  • Natural  ingredients with minimal use of processed foods
  • Nutritious children’s meals
  • Ethnic spices
  • Authentic cuisine
  • Homemade food that does not look homemade

If you plan on offering drinks on your menu, it would help to consider the following suggestions:

  • Homemade healthy, nonalcoholic drinks
  • Mocktails
  • Sparkling water
  • Gourmet drinks
  • Coconut water
  • Cold coffee
  • Smoothies

Clearly, food trucks are here to stay and be an exciting part of spring and summer. However, the people who support food trucks are slowly becoming more refined and selective about what food truck to support. Thus, make sure to keep your truck clean, organized, and fresh.  Happy summer days ahead!

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