The Peugeot Food Truck: Luxury on Wheels

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Peugeot started as a family business founded in 1810 originally as a French coffee mill company and expanded into pepper mill, tableware, and bicycles . It was only in the late 1800s that the company launched its first car which was something short of a disaster. Fortunately, they settled in and won numerous awards for their vehicles as well as the respect from the auto world.

Today, the Peugeot Design Lab has created an amazing food truck which converts into a DJ booth and full service restaurant-café.  Since Peugeot has a history of being in the pepper mill and tableware industry, those familiar with the company history feels that the company has come full circle with this new food truck.

The food truck is an eye-popping, inspiring, and oh-so-magnificent form of engineering art designed to attract attention and take the food truck business to the next level of innovation and distinction. This will be the benchmark for all future luxury food trucks.

Designed for tight urban streets, this food truck called Le Bistro du Lion, opens up like a flower blooming to create a street amphitheater, so to speak. It has a short front with rear overhangs and sides that unfold. Its wings provides the privacy and space for cooking, dining, and the DJ booth.  It can seat 30 people easily with stackable tables with parasols, a TV and entertainment system with state of the art speakers. The TV, by the way, is not for cable shows or regular television shows but to showcase the chef at work. The entertainment system is the latest digital music platform that was launched by Peugeot recently. It offers web radio and a vast and exclusive play list.

The kitchen is equipped with a deep fryer, 2 grilling plates, and 4 induction ovens. When Le Bistro du Lion opened for business, it featured all star French chef, Sven Chartier of Le Clown Bar and Saturne. The food truck has been on the road from Paris to Milan where it was shown during the Milan furniture fair. It will travel across Milan up to the time of the World Food Expo in a few month’s time.

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