The Latest In Street Food: A Food Hall In the Big Apple

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Who hasn’t heard of Anthony Bourdain? He is a chef although he is more popularly known as a TV host for cooking travel shows. He has close ties with New York City because he worked as executive chef in Brasserie Les Halles.

This year Bourdain and Stephen Werthen, a business partner, are opening a food hall, something they call a “street food hall” in the Big Apple, more specifically, Lower Manhattan. This food market will have up to 50 different street foods from all over the world with minimal double-ups which means you get no duplication in food offerings.

Each vendor will be selling a specialty from a specific city or country promising an amazing diversity under one roof. The vendors will be chosen to form an eclectic array of chefs, street vendors, food truck owners, and even hawkers with one common characteristic – they should sell food that is interesting, delicious and from anywhere around the globe.

Bourdain plans to bring the concept to other cities if the New York food market succeeds and he has full confidence in the concept because people love to eat and try new dishes and cuisines, especially New Yorkers.

The design of the food hall is expected to look like a typical Asian market since Bourdain loves Hakka centers. Hakka-styled restaurants which are very popular in Asia are no-frills foodie centers where the flavors are incredible and the prices are cheap.

It will also be heavily influenced by the Singapore style of street food and South American classics intermingled with American cuisine in a modern, sanitized environment.

According to Bourdain, the idea of bringing this type of food market to New York excites him. He says, “I hope to have some great Singaporean and Southeast Asian and South American vendors and craftsmen bring in the kind of delicious food that many other people around the world see as a birthright and for one reason or another, we really haven’t had.” And further says that if someone else came up with the idea, he would definitely be a customer.

His food market will be divided into 3 areas: Asian street food, chef’s corner serving generation- old family recipes, and gourmet street food from local and international vendors.

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