The Food Truck That Sells Retired Horsemeat & Other Weird Food Truck Ideas

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It’s called the Unwanted Animal Kitchen which doesn’t sound so appetizer even if you’re a vegan but this food truck is drawing quite a bit of attention because its unwanted meat is retired racing horsemeat.  Horse meat is not acceptable in many countries as table fare. In fact, in 2013, a scandal broke out in Europe after it was discovered that some beef products were found to contain a mix of beef and horsemeat instead. The problem raised back then is that if racing horses were used to manufacture these products, they could contain a drug known as phenylebutazone which prevents fever or treats pain in animals. It is not approved for human consumption.

Unwanted Animal Kitchen in Holland opened in 2011, 2 years before the scandal. It was part of an urban art project and serves deer, goose, crow, meerkat, and horse meat. The project was created to bring awareness to the thousands of geese killed by hunters because of the risk they present to aircrafts. Thus, instead of seeing the geese thrown away, they were used to make croquettes, soups, and other dishes.

Another controversial food truck is the “My Little Pony Burger” which also used retired race horse meat. This food truck had a commendable mission which was to address the economic crisis by buying retired race horses. Horse burgers are not as sellable as all beef burgers but there is a following.

Back in the US, there are some unusual food truck fare to be found especially in Austin. Although not controversial as the European food truck fare, the following food trucks have been creating a favorable stir among locals with their strange menus.

Chi’-Lantro – This food truck sells kimchi fries which is their bestseller in spite of the fact that it is nowhere close to its theme of Korean- Mexican fusion food.  However, they have proven to be successful and now have not just food trucks but its own brick and mortar in Austin and a catering service. Other items on their food truck menu are rib-eye or pork bulgogi, quesadilla with kimchi, and ramen.

Other Austin food trucks worth mentioning are the Peached Tortilla, Bananarchy, and Gourdough’s.

Finally, ever heard of the IBM computer that taking charge of a food truck, Watson? Watson is the same computer that went on the TV show, Jeopardy! in 2011 and won. Now, Watson is being given a set of ingredients and he has to come up with a dish which is served in a food truck called the IBM Cognitive Cooking food truck that went around the Southwest last year. This year the food truck is turning into a cookbook with recipes like Bengali Butternut Pumpkin Sauce and a Vietnamese kebab with strawberries!

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