The Best Cities To Buy Delicious Street Food

Ideally, you have 2 choices when it comes to street food. One, buy from immigrants and hope for the best or two, travel around and buy authentic street food from some of the world’s most amazing cities where the ambiance adds to the food adventure. Here are some of the top cities around the world where street food rocks!


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One of nicest aspects of buying street food in Bangkok is the lovely sing-song accent of the Thais. Furthermore, most of the vendors are gracious and friendly to foreigners but what really makes Thai street food stand out is the taste and flavor. Their use of herbs and spices is going to make you want to buy more and head on to fine dining restaurants to see what else Thais can cook.

New York

Of all the cities in the U.S., New York could probably have the best in street food because of the diversity in selection. The city even has a walking tour of food trucks, carts and kiosks so in a few hours; you get to sample the best of the city’s street food.


Tokyo has a number of underground food establishments where every type of food is sold at pretty affordable prices including ramen, sushi, and yummy yakitori – and not from vending machines. Of all the countries, Japan probably has the highest standard in hygiene which is great for those who tend to be picky about where their food comes from.


The food scents and exotic flavor on the streets of Marrakesh is amazing. It’s a culinary delight to see specialty spices, meat, dried fruits, nuts, and all kinds of grains being sold on the street. Be sure to drop by Djemaa el Fna where you can buy delicious escargot from street vendors.

Rio in Brazil

Rio’s street food is a delightful mess of Brazilian, Japanese, and Portuguese flavors especially if you visit the beach areas and market place. Everything is sold like finger foods such as barbecued meats, cheese bread, empanadas and pita sandwiches.

Other cities that should interest you if you’re into street food are Mexico, Los Angeles, Chicago, Istanbul, Manila, Jakarta, Paris, and Seoul.

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