Street Food Thursday in Berlin

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Berlin food is simple, down-to-earth, and almost always has meat. Without even leaving the U.S. you can sample Berlin cuisine through street food offers and food trucks. In fact, Berlin street food is fast becoming a popular choice in food festivals and fairs.

A few treats you can enjoy without traveling to Berlin are the Knodel which are potato or bread dumplings, cheeses, and pork knuckles. Of course, nothing beats a trip to Berlin to enjoy authentic food right from Berlin’s top food trucks.

The House of the Flying Dumplings

This food truck offers fusion dumplings which is a blend of Chinese cooking and local style. It uses pork, tofu, Shitake mushrooms, and chives as its main ingredients and has been taking Berlin by storm.


Even if only to enjoy eating street food in an old fashioned 1970s double-decker bus, Kjosk is a must-try. Once you sample their food, you will want a repeat. They serve delicious cakes and sausages and offer a convenience unlike any other food truck business – a mini convenient store that sells magazines, cigarettes, and a lot of other interesting items to keep you from leaving with a bag in hand.

Hotzenplotz Berlin

Relatively new to the street food/food truck scene, this business serves lamb and beef burgers from spring to autumn. During winter, they take a break. Their burgers are loaded with fresh vegetables and 100% lamb or beef patties.

Die Dollen Knollen-Puffermanufaktur

Although the name can be difficult (is difficult!) to pronounce this food truck business serves some of the most amazing potato pancakes in Berlin. Their variants and toppings are interesting and flavorful from cheese to smoked fish. All pancakes are served with extra crispy fries. Yum!

Bebe Rebozo Steaks and Austern

A unique food idea is obvious once you set your sights on this tall cylindrical hot pink kiosk that sells steaks on wheels. They also serve Peruvian food – one of their specialties. Try their Lomo Saltado which is spicy beef served with rice. They also have special deals like 4 course meals with wine for special events like food fairs.

Other interesting food trucks in Berlin are Mr. Whippy, Burger de Ville, Vatos Tacos, Bunsmobile, and Heisser Hobel.

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