Spam is Back! High End Spam Food Truck

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Spam is over 77 years old and has become an urban legend of sorts and a lifesaver for many Americans and people around the world who need to prepare a quick and tasty meal or snack. One of the myths about Spam is that it stands for “Scientifically Processed Animal Matter” in spite of the company’s repeated publication that it is made of pork, salt, water, potato starch, sodium nitrate and sugar.  Spam was a creation of the founder’s son, Jay Hormel in a gallant effort to provide full employment, all year round and put an end to seasonal employment.

Interestingly, an Asian version of the Spam was launched in 1930, 7 years before Spam was introduced to the market by Hormel Corporation. The presentation is different with Shanghai Maling being round in shape but the ingredients are very similar.

However the United States is always one of the first to come out with innovative ideas so a Spam restaurant was born and died a natural death to the distress of a few thousands. Now, the Spam food truck is here and launched by Hormel. The Spam truck is the star of the  3 month “Spamerican Tour” that will reintroduced Spam and ways to cook Spam to the American consumers. The tour will travel through 12 cities and in each city, chefs will be asked to cook local dishes using Spam.

This is not the first time that Spam has used local cuisine to create new Spam flavors. For example, some of the latest flavors of Spam are Spam Tocino (a sweet pork dish), Spam Chorizo, ( Spanish sausage), Spam Bacon, Spam Jalapeno, Spam Hot and Spicy, and Spam Black Pepper. Back in 2009 and 2011, Spam also chefs to use Spam to create haute cuisine which they managed to do by combining it with foie gras, with fried rice, and as the main meat in a stew dish.

Expect interesting Spam dishes like Spam kimchi musubi croissant which is grilled Spam with nori and rice and made to look like a sushi. The company will also be introducing a coconut flavored snack with pineapple chutney, Spam tots (like potato tots), a Mexican-inspired Spam enchilada, and a Spam with nuts.

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