Reno Street Food: Glory, Glory Food!

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Reno Street Food is a food company that holds regular food markets in Idlewild Park in Reno, Navada since 2012. They hold their street food market every Fridays from May 23 to October 3 of this year from 5 in the afternoon to 9 at night.

The Reno Street Food event has been called a foodie’s dream because of the variety of food choices available. They also have live entertainment and open spaces for families to sit down and enjoy the day.

The idea of a weekday food market for the spring and summer months are great because you get to experience different cuisines every time you drop by. The number of food trucks and kiosks are varied enough to keep people from getting bored with the choices. There are Asian, Western, European, and unique food items and almost everything is cooked on the spot. According to current and past vendors, it’s a great way to expand your food business although it can get very tiring because of the large crowds.

Some of the top food vendors are Bangkok Cuisine, Italian Ices, Local Taste of Paradise, the Ceol Irish Pub, and Carolina Kitchen and Barbeque, among many others.

The Food Business in Nevada

Food trucks in Nevada are sprouting up like crazy. One of the reasons for the spike is the low tax rate of the state that makes it appealing to invest in a business. Even with multiple business fees, there are benefits available that can cut the cost of running a business in Nevada.

The people of Nevada have begun to embrace the food truck culture because it offers freshly-cooked meals or specialty dishes at reasonable prices.

The street food business though in Nevada has had to go through some tough times before it became mainstream and popular. For instance, in 2012, many food trucks were being complained about by brick and mortar restaurants and these food trucks would have to move every 30 minutes to avoid getting a ticket or citation. Since then, many restaurants in Nevada and around the country have begun to launch their own version of the food truck probably because it is a better idea to “join the gang rather than fight the trend.”

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