Pringles Food Truck Flavors & Other Trends Following The Food Truck Craze

The food truck phenomena is well-entrenched in the global food market and one would think that it has peaked with thousands of food trucks operating around the world but no! There’s a new something this season and it is unexpected and exciting.

It’s Pringles Food Truck Flavors

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No, Pringles did not decide to put up a food truck but they did decide to offer a food truck flavors series. It started with the Limited Edition Cheeseburger and the Restaurant Cravers Cheeseburger flavors which were released earlier. Both flavors were very similar to a popular fast food chain and did not fare very well which is why it came as a surprise to learn that the company decided to launch a third flavor: Chicken Taco.

All 3 flavors are now on the shelves and appeal to a select group of consumers.

It’s the Smoking Roaster Food Truck!

Owned by Max Nunes, Smoking Roaster has a plan: to be the best greasiest but tastiest food truck food giving their customers a gastronomic experience they will want to keep having. To Nunes, eating in his food truck means enjoying a unique experience which is why his food truck is an old Mercedes Benz L406 van. This is a panel van introduced in 1955 which has been used as a delivery van or ambulance during its heyday. Today, it’s a classic and an attraction in itself when seen as a food truck.  In the case of the Smoking Roaster, the 406 they used was previously a police van.

Smoking Roaster is based in Europe, the Netherlands, more specifically and travels to different events as part of the entertainment and food attractions.

It’s the Dentyne Follow Food Truck!

Dentyne is a gum to freshen breath and it is now following the food trucks with its own “Follow Food Truck” campaign. Their goal is marketing since many food trucks sell food that can quickly foul up one’s breath with nary a bathroom close by where customers can brush or gargle away. At the same time, Dentyne will be  on site telling consumers all about the benefits of their products – an ingenuous way to build loyalty to a gum product.

The Dentyne truck will be traveling cross country to be a part of 6 major food festivals. Also following this trend are food trucks from large companies such as Kraft Foods with their own marketing strategy. As they say in business, “if you can’t beat them, join them!”

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