Portland Food Carts

Portland is the country’s largest city so it’s normal to expect that there would be dozens of food carts and food trucks to feed the more than half a million population not to mention the record high number of tourists in 2013.

Last year Portland was recognized for being the number one in:

  • America’s Best Cities
  • Best Beer Towns in America
  • Most Liked U.S. Cities
  • Most Bikable Large U.S. Cities

As for its food, Division Street was name one of the top 10 foodie streets in the country by Food & Wine. Portland is also home to the largest outdoor market, the Portland Saturday Market where some of Portland’s best foods are served. The selection in cuisine is extraordinary like Hawaiian, Guatemalan, Mexican, African, Thai, Katmandu, Uruguayan, French, Lebanese, Polish, Greek and American.

However, the Portland Market is not the only place where you can find the best street food in the city. Here is a list of the 3 new street food businesses in Portland.

Umai PDX

Image Source: oregonlive.com

This is a Japanese ramen food cart from the southeast side of the city. It is owned and operated by a power duo who is also musicians, Austin Moore and Forest Carter so you can expect some music while ordering and waiting to get your food.

The ramen noodles served with pulled pork, shitake mushrooms, and egg are always freshly-made and the cart offers only 3 choices in ramen soup (sea salt, miso, and soy sauce) alongside sandwiches and fried chicken.

Henry’s Diner

Located in the center of Carlton is a teal cart known as Henry’s Diner. It is owned by Joseph Zumpano who serves regular diner food like pancakes, bacon, and burgers. Zumpano was a very successful restaurant chef in Washington DC who decided to move with his sweetheart to this wine country. They operate the cart on weekdays and even offer Monday night picnics.

Haan Ghin

This food cart can be found in Portland State University where the food is served hot and quickly at a price affordable to students. The cuisine is Laotian and has been getting amazing reviews. The menu is short: chicken in lemongrass and chiles wrapped in sticky rice, a noodle soup dish with sliced chicken that is mysteriously delicious, and a sweet dessert made with milk, banana and sticky rice.

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