New Food Trucks in Boston!

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Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts but more importantly, the people of Boston love their food. The cuisine in this beautiful city is known for its use of seafood and dairy products. However, it offers a wide range of international choices from Asian to European food.

This year, food trucks in Boston just got more interesting with the introduction of 5 extraordinary food trucks. The food truck season which started this April brings with it a diversity in food selection and concepts.

North East of the Border

This food truck is offering authentic Mexican food using locally sourced produce. It was set up by 2 men who met and became friends while in the Bahamas. One is a chef born and raised in Mexico while the other is an expert in business and management – a dream team.  They offer 8 kinds of taco, salsa, beans, rice, and guacamole.

Fresh Food Generation

This is a farm to plate food truck with a Latin-American and Caribbean menu. Fresh Food Generation is known for its catering so has an advantage over the other new food trucks. At the time, expectations are higher that this food truck is going to bring the best in quality local goods.

Boston ProJuice

Finally, something that isn’t just about food in a food truck is this new juicer + healthy food snacks. They serve dehydrated chips and homemade granola bars aside from the nutritious drinks. They also have a fruit and vegetable breakfast which is available starting at 6:30 in the morning.

Lilo’s Plates

Hawaiian food is not something you hear about everyday but Bostonians are now enjoying this unique cuisine as it parks in different areas across the city from Mondays to Fridays.  Most interesting about this food truck is their amazing marketing which includes new freebies every day like alcohol-free piña coladas and desserts.

Sabrosa Taqueria

Finally, this food truck is making a name for itself as a food truck with its flavorful burritos. It already has a brick and mortar place in Downtown Crossing so what they have, Bostonians may have already sampled and liked. They also serve other Mexican fare like tacos and quesadillas.

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