Jersey Food Truck Scene: An Exciting Way To Start Food Truck Season

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Jersey is starting to feel like the best place to be in this summer as quite a number of new and interesting street food have opened to usher in a new food truck season.  By the tail end of spring, new and old food vendors were lining up to get their food truck licenses from the city government. The city Health Department decided to entertain limited applications for new and second locations for existing food trucks or issue a total of 51 new mobile vendor licenses.

Starting June 11, there will be food events like the Lambertville Food Fair, the Summerfest hosted by the German-American Society, and Food Truck Friday just for the month of June. Some of the best food trucks to look forward to this time around are:

Dark Side of the Moo – If you’re ready for unusual meat treats, you have to stop at this food truck and sample their smoked alligator sausages and quesadillas or their bison burgers. They also have traditional choices like chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, lamb burger, and their special dressings and sauces.

Fork in the Road – A simple red truck that believes in selling tasty, affordable, and fresh food like grilled cheese varieties, sandwiches, and an interesting menu of seemingly endless cocktail appetizers.

Five Sisters Food Truck – Really a catering business that decided to open a food truck for special events, the Five Sisters offers gourmet food that can be customized for a party. They don’t appear to have a set menu for their food truck but they do have an extensive menu consisting of American, Italian, and other specialty dishes from Europe.

IncrediBalls – Meatballs, Italian and Swedish style is not very common in food trucks and can be rather difficult to nail. This food truck has a lot of promise especially since they make it a point to change their weekly specials to keep their customers interested and happy.

Kim Chi Smoked Barbeque – Korean barbeque is very different from the backyard recipes and offer a tasty combination of spicy and sweet at the same time that’s very Asian in flavor. Sadly, their signature dish, the Championship Ribs are not always available so be sure to grab it when you can.

This summer is going to be a major blast for food truck followers and Jersey is one of the places to be to find new and traditional flavors that will make you keep wanting more.

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