Impressive Show of Force: Food Trucks in Belgium

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Belgium is part of Western Europe and known as the land where the saxophone came from and where music is heavily incorporated into one’s daily life with multiple music festivals and events. It is a federal monarchy and a population of over 11 million. Belgian food is fondly described as German-plenty but of French-quality. A few of the most popular foods from Belgium that the world has received with gusto are the Belgian chocolates, waffles, beer, and fries. Belgium’s national dishes are steak or mussels with fries.

In Brussels, Belgium’s largest city as well as its capital city, food trucks have been popping up all over the city – and some of them in very unusual shapes and sizes. Some of the top most appealing food trucks in the city are:

Keep on Toasting – This is one of Brussels’ earliest food trucks and it specializes in gourmet croquet-Monsieur which is basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. They operate around the city and often are booked for private events. However, they are available on social media where they post their calendar of events and daily locations. They also only accept card payments.

Petit Nuage – This is a cutesy 3-wheel blue and white food cart which makes it a food trike that serves waffles on a stick and organic ice cream (only during the hotter months). Their waffle dogs served on sticks and with different fillings are delightful snacks that are gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike.

Mellow – Mellow is a pink ball foodie stand that reminds you a little of a Japanese cartoon character. They serve organic frozen low fat yoghurt and will only come out to sell when the summer months roll in.

Hopdog – This is a foodie business that offers 10 different kinds of hotdogs including vegetarian and sweet dogs. They offer 3 portions sizes: small, large and extra large.

Sinstreetfood – This food business offers Indian cuisine like samosas, curries, veggie burger, and rice meals.

El Camion – This food truck used to be a mobile dental clinic that now serves bar food like blood pudding sandwich and boulets sauce lapin which are rabbit meatballs.

Asap – This food truck is incredibly designed to look like an old school English food truck. It serves wraps, English sandwiches, and salads. Every day, they find a different location to grab the lunch crowd.

Other interesting food businesses to hunt down in Brussels and sample their food are Le 3e element (Thai cuisine), Plan B Street Food, Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita, and Fourcette a Bicyclette with their amazing hot meals in glass jars.

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