How to Protect Your Food Truck Turf: Or Should You Do This At All?

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Your turf as a food truck owner is more than just a parking space; it is part of the key to your success in the food truck business. Some locations are just better than others even if you compare it to a few spaces down or up a main street where other food trucks are parked. Thus, it is not unlikely that you will find yourself rushing to book a specific “lucky space” or trying to make sure that you are in ahead of the others in a free-for all, first-come, first pick basis.

In fact, there have been cases of food trucks owners feeling intimidated by other street food vendors to the point of having to deal with a cartel-like set-up. The sad fact is that food trucks will have to beg, barter, or coerce for a prime spot on a busy street already filled almost from top to bottom with food vendors. It isn’t just about getting your permits; you will also have to face situations where as a new food truck in the area, you are looked upon as an intruder.

Now from the other side of the fence, if you have been in your location for months and experience a decrease in your daily sales because of new vendors in the area, you probably are harboring some degree of “my turf is being invaded!” Here’s what to do:

One, consider talking to the other food truck owners. Sometimes, getting along and supporting each other creates a bond that turns a harsh business environment friendly. Supporting each other by not directly competing with other can bring in more customers.

Two, see it as a sign that it’s time to search for new spots to put your food truck. Fortunately, there is social media that can help you uncover secret spots and market it to your customers while finding a new market to serve to.

Three, book events. Food trucks is a versatile business because you can cater, join food festivals, or go cross-country and let the world discover you.

Four, accept that there will be new food trucks wherever you are because that’s the affordable business most people can enter into so instead of fighting and getting angry with the grappling for choice spots to park, how about making sure your food is outstanding, your service is impeccable, and your menu is exciting that shows flexibility and trends with daily specials?


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