Food Trucks in Munich, Germany

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Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria in Germany. Its name means “by the monks” and it has been the cultural and science center of the area since the 19th century.  As one of the more forward-thinking cities in Germany, it should come as no surprise that the trending food truck business should find a foothold in this city of 1.4 million.

Last January, the first Streetfood Market was held at the Hall of Taste. It attracted so many locals and expats being the first food truck event in the city. Most of the food trucks present were selling their version of gourmet street food so there was a delectable mix of fusion and ethnic foods at reasonable prices.

A few standouts during the event were the Salsa Verde, Donut Factory, The Cave, Tram Café, and Grillin’ Me Softly. Salsa Verde is owned by Christian Selig and Jannete Moreno. Their Mexican menu includes hotdogs, steak sandwiches, and traditional Mexican food like tacos.  They have a loyal following and a regular schedule. They also accept catering and special events.

Hall of Taste is held its second food truck event almost immediately after the first with a total of 25 food trucks. They added attractions like live music and a place where kids can go have some fun while their parents sample the food.

Other food trucks in Germany that are making a name for themselves include Chief Loe which serves American classics that US expats search high and low for whenever they find themselves in foreign lands. Chief Loe’s food has been called “gut food” because it mainly has Sloppy Joes and American hotdogs. The Chief, whose real name is Uew Fengler, sells the food wearuing Buddy Holly glasses, a trucker hat, and looks like he belongs in Mainland USA rather than in Kaiserslautern in Germany.

It also helps that his prices are affordable and his flavors are genuine. His version of Sloppy Joes though is served in a hotdog bun and with a generous dollop of Tabasco Sauce with loads of cheese. It’s no wonder his Hawaiian-styled food truck has become a sensation in the area especially among expats.

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