Food Truck Robberies: How To Prevent Your Food Truck Business From Being Victimized

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Food truck crimes is nothing new. They have been happening since the time food trucks were limited to servicing construction crews on site.  However, there has been a slight upsurge in crimes against or by food trucks that have caused police officers to take a more serious look at the safety and security of food trucks and their customers.

A few examples of the crimes that took place last year include being robbed at gunpoint, selling of drugs from a food truck, petty thefts from food truck employees, and stabbing of food truck owner. By being aware of these past crimes, it is possible to avert anything happening to your food truck business. Knowing and planning ahead is always almost 50% of the work in securing your business.

How To Prevent Theft and Lower Risks to Robberies

The top reasons for being victimized are:

  1. It’s easy to rob from a food truck because they usually don’t have CCTV or any security cameras.
  2. Food trucks work up to late and the workers are tired and less alert by late evening.
  3. Many food trucks pick locations that are not heavy with foot traffic because of complaints from brick and mortar establishments.
  4. There are usually only 2 people manning a food truck.
  5. Most food trucks accept only cash transactions.

In short, food trucks are extremely vulnerable to thieves and robbers but you can prepare and set up your food truck to lower the chances of being a victim.

Secure your Truck and your Workers

Since food truck workers can get very busy with customers, install CCTV cameras. You will need one pointed towards the person taking orders and receiving payment and one at the main entry/exit door. You should also consider an auto lock for your door so your workers do not get taken by surprise. Finally, put exterior lights around the truck to keep your surrounding bright. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford the cameras, pretend to have them just the same.

Schedule Cash Pick-Ups

When you are expecting a flood of customers for special events, arrange for someone to come and pick up your cash. You can even pay for cash service pick-up so your truck does not carry a lot of money at any given time. In addition, make sure your cash is hidden from customers or anyone from a vantage point. Keep your cash register hidden from plain site and make sure you have sufficient small change. If you keep asking for smaller bills, you’re telling everyone within hearing range that you are enjoying a good sale day and have run out of change. You might also want to sign up for a wireless credit card payment system.

Finally, never park solo to sell food. Try to stay part of a pack or make sure the street or park is well-lit and patrolled.

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