Food Truck Businesses That Have Tweaked The Food Truck Concept

There are food trucks everywhere! The key from now until next food truck season is to come up with new and exciting ways to present your food. Look at what creative ideas entrepreneurs have brought to the table so far this 2015:

The Comedic Food Truck

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In Seattle, Randy Pham is drawing in the crowd with his food truck, Famous Randy. And famous he is as his most recent Facebook post is a photo of Randy dressed up ala Duck Dynasty with a bearded customer. Every order comes with a Randy joke, free of charge which somehow makes the food taste better and the atmosphere, very chill. The life story of randy, however, is not as funny or pleasant. He came to the US from Vietnam over 30 years ago passing through the Cambodian jungle just to escape the war.  He started his food business in 1993 and has many loyal customers who love his food and sense of humor.

The Brewed Awakening in Vancouver

Brewed Awakening is a partnership between a brewery and a food truck. The food truck is Community Pizzeria which has partnered in a manner of speaking with Brassneck Brewery. Community Pizzeria is a wood fired pizza truck that serves traditional Neapolitan pizza. The pizza crust is hand-made from scratch and served just 90 seconds after your order has been put in the oven. Brassneck Brewery, on the other hand, has quite a selection of brews which are not always available so you can expect to try something new every time you visit. On Fridays, they have Community Pizza food truck as the only food truck in front of their brewery. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, they have Tasty Torpedo, Via Tevere and Local Omnivore, respectively. They are still working on the other days of the week.

Bici-Cocina, New York’s Food Bike

Bici-Cocina is a food bikeowned by Sam Bosco and Carolina Gil. They were able to set up the business with a capital investment of $2,115.97 only. And they only serve freshly-cooked Columbian street food like corn patties and yucca cakes. The couple, who have been dating since before the food bike started, call their business, their baby. Both are graduates of Cornell University and admit that they heard of businesses running on the back of bikes in the West Coast and adopted the idea for their food business. For now, the food bike is part time business as they both are working.

Finally, if you want a food truck business but don’t have anything creative in mind, then consider great food and getting help from Apple technology to keep your operations attractive. Apple has launched its Pay Anywhere Mobile Credit Card Reader and a couple of food trucks have begun using it with great success. To pay, customers just need to use their iPhone 6 or their Apple Watch.

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