Farm to Food Trucks: Freshness Guaranteed?

Farm to food truck appears to be one way of lowering food truck operational costs while at the same time getting the freshest produce possible. This is what a number of food trucks are finding out after reading about one particular food truck that grew its own produce. In Los Angeles alone, there are a handful of food trucks that insist on sourcing their ingredients from local farmers and greenhouses. Not only does this help the local economy, it is a great way to get to know the community.  More importantly, local farmers tend to be more quality-conscious and less snobbish than large corporations or supermarkets. And this adds greatly to the fun experience of owning and operating a food truck.

Another great reason food trucks can use as part of their marketing program is the fact that locally grown food tend to have less contamination while buying what is in season and fresh from the farm means more flavorful and nutrient-dense food for your customers.

The food trucks from LA worth mentioning because of their loyalty to farm fresh food are:

  1. Heirloom LA – Voted Best Gourmet Food Truck by the Los Angeles Magazine, this food truck makes it a point to know where their ingredients come from and who is growing it.

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  2. Juicebox – This juice truck sells made-to-order juices using ingredients that are hand-picked from local growers.
  3. Greenz on Wheels – A great food truck that only sells freshly made sandwiches, wraps, and salads from trusted local suppliers.

In Pittsburg, there’s a lot of happy customers because of Farm Truck Food which is a farm truck that goes around the area selling local produce door to door. It’s a new concept in food truck because the owners only sell ingredients not ready-to-eat food (unless you include fruits and certain types of vegetables that can be eaten raw).  Farm Truck Food is the other end of the spectrum being the supplier rather than the vendor of cooked or prepared food-to-go.

Lastly, Clif Bar and its farm-to-food truck is another inspiration worth mentioning. They grow heirloom vegetables and other crops that they use in their food truck, the Bruschetteria Food Truck. Aside from their food truck, the family-run business has a successful winery and energy bar company, Clif Bar. Their food truck sells the kind of food that goes well with wine like bruchetta with different toppings, salads, chicken, and desserts. Of course, their food truck can usually be found in front of their wine tasting room in St. Helena in Napa Valley.

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