Dubai Street Food

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Dubai has gourmet street food! Of course every country has street food and many have gourmet street food but it just seems right that Dubai would have 5 star dining experiences available on major streets and intersections.

Two of the more popular 5 star gourmet street food brands are Ghaf Kitchen and Moti Roti.

Ghaf Kitchen

Known as a 5 star restaurant on wheels, Ghaf Kitchen is unbelievable. Instead of your usual food truck, the brand uses a restored vintage Citroen H van. It has an unusual menu (for street food, that is) because it serves scallops, truffle salad, spinach cakes, and fish finger sandwiches, among others. The brand assures all its customers that their ingredients are from sustainable sources and everything is cooked fresh. If you are expecting street food prices, you might be a little disappointed though. You will have to shell out a little more for Ghaf Kitchen food but everything tastes incredible and worth the price.

Moti Roti

Moti Roti is Pakistani food that uses a lot of curry, chutney, and spices. However, it is not authentic Pakistani food rather a western version which makes it more palatable for tourists and those not used to strong eastern flavors. The food is served in wraps which is the Roti and you get a choice of different fillings. The filling choices are changed daily so you’ll never know what will be on the menu for the day. On some days, fillings may be made with okra or zucchini and on other days, you will be pleasantly surprised with eggplant and Kofta. Chicken is a regular filling. Every Roti is served with fresh salad and chutney on the side. Currently, there are 3 Moti Roti food stations around Dubai so they’re relatively easy to find.

If you happen to find yourself near Kite Beach, look for Beach Canteen which was a participant in the recent Dubai Food Festival. It was held last March 2014 at the Media City Amphitheater where almost types of food from around the world were available. It was a huge success that showcased the best of Dubai food, seasonings, and spices.

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