Doggie Food Trucks? Unusual Dog Pampering Levels Up

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Everyone recognizes the popularity and growing number of food trucks around the world but very few foresaw the idea of doggie food trucks – or food trucks that serve food for dogs! Here are some of the zaniest food truck ideas that are making big bucks on food for dogs.

Fido to go

This food truck serves the pampered and not-so-pampered dogs of San Diego and Chicago with gourmet food that are allergen-free, home-made, and gluten-free. They even have doggie desserts like yoghurt, cookies, and ice cream. The owners are even open to catering parties where dogs are included in the guest lists and will even bake a doggie cake for someone’s very precious pet.

Fido to go, owned and operated by Donna Santucci, prides itself in cooking dog food that is healthy, all-natural, and additive-free. Donna is a certified groomer, has had training in animal nutrition and skin care for animals, and owns a pet spa. The food truck is a result of a successful project to feed her own pets with wholesome treats.

Milo’s Kitchen

Milo’s Kitchen began a nationwide tour last July 2014 selling amazing treats for dogs like chicken meatballs and burgers. The food truck has been giving out free samples wherever they go and getting outstanding feedback from both canine and pet owner. Their itinerary only includes dog parks and beaches where dogs are allowed.

They guarantee that their food is made from local US meat and with no artificial ingredients or flavoring. They previously encountered problems with their jerky treats which were sourced from China which they voluntarily recalled once the problem became known to them. This is one of the reasons why they are now sticking to US-sourced ingredients.

Bow-Wow Bones

From Austin comes Bow-Wow Bones which is the first food truck catering to dogs in Texas. Their menu is mostly dog treats in a variety of flavors like banana, peanut butter, veggie, and cheesy apple. They also offer ice cream and biscuits with special promotions like baker’s dozen, triple treat, and single treat.

Bow-Wow Bones which is owned by Lara Enzor and Kim Golden. Not in the menu but available to customers are specially-picked dog toys and accessories.


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