Building a Sustainable Food Truck Business

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A sustainable food truck is the key strategy today with so many available choices in the market. The industry has ballooned to massive number of food trucks in all corners of the country and globe so much so that customers are now becoming pickier about which food truck to buy from. Add to this mix is the fact that customers are also becoming more blasé about hyped-up marketing having been exposed to so much in the past months. Thus, food trucks are no longer an attraction or something to support and buy from because “it looks cute and unique.” Food trucks have to deliver to goods: in flavor, quality, and sanitation.

Here are a few tips on how to stay sustainable in the food truck industry.

Tip#1 Support the local community

You should work on having a solid local customer base because tourists are not always going to be around – and tourists have a lot of choices on how to spend their money. By supporting to local community, you are becoming part of the community and that usually means that they will buy from you – like trading partners. You can even use the fact that you are using local resources as part of your marketing strategy and have more stories to tell about where you get your produce.

Tip#2  Support the Green Movement

Go organic. Get rid of your non-biodegradable packing materials.  Maintain your truck. Get your own water filtration system and invest in energy-smart equipment. Again, be vocal about supporting the green movement because it is reassuring to hear and many customers are willing to pay extra for that extra effort you are making for the environment.

Tip#3 Offer Special Deals Regularly

To encourage loyalty, try to mix up your menu once in a while but stay true to your concept. However, avoid extreme innovations that do not go through product and market testing. And if you have a winning product, don’t shortchange customers by sacrificing quality for quantity. Stay true to the original recipe. You can offer loyalty deals, give out freebies, or create complete meals with drink at a lower price.

Tip#4 Don’t Make the Extras/Add-Ons Too Expensive

One of the biggest mistakes food trucks make is to sell the basic product cheap but charge high prices for the extra slice of cheese, drinks, toppings, etc. Look at the total price from the point of view of the customer and analyze if it is a price your target market is willing to pay for again and again.

Tip#5 Be Memorable

“Good but not memorable” This is the kind of feedback you want to avoid from customers. Aim for  a memorable experience every time which means having a great-tasting menu, excellent service, and clean food truck.

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