Best Food Trucks from Asians

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Asia is known worldwide for its exotic flavors and dishes. Ingredients are strange but flavorful and the complexity of many of Asian dishes are difficult to mimic. Everyone traveling to Asia must make it a point to sample the different cuisine although luckily, food trucks are starting to pop up in non-Asian countries serving wonderful authentic Asian food making to possible to enjoy the genuine Asian flavors right at your doorstep … or a few steps away from your place of work.

Some of the top Asian food trucks in the country include:

Kogi BBQ which serves Korean food, or more specifically, Korean barbeque tacos. They have been around since 2008 and are now considered one of the food truck royalties in the United States with several branches and taco stands across the country.

Tiffin Asha is authentic South Indian food and their food truck is found in Portland. The best measure of authenticity is when those from South India enjoy the food and openly describe it as food from back home. Their chutney, Dosa, Sambar, and Vada are just some of their specialties. Spotting this food truck is also quite easy as it has a signature yellow elephant as part of its truck design.

Bian Dang is a New York food truck that sells Taiwanese food. Their outstanding fried chicken is served with aromatic jasmine rice and pickled greens.  Their signature minced pork sauce is a must-try and the best part is you will not feel a pinch on your budget with their affordable prices.

Tokyo Doggie Style is a fun way to enjoy the Japanese flavor especially if you want a break from traditional Japanese food. Their fusion-style food has traditional beef bowls but you can also dig into their gourmet hotdog sandwiches with a Japanese twist and then some!

Pho Wheels is a Vietnamese food truck parked on the streets of Washington DC.  They have an excellent selection of vegan dishes and have upgraded (so to speak) the traditional dishes to suit western taste. Thus, you get a wonderful burst of flavor when you bite into their food!

These are just a few of the topnotch Asian-inspired food truck in the country. There are many more out there waiting to be discovered and sampled especially now with the food truck season happily ongoing in every major city in the United States.

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