About Truckeroo & Food Trucks In DC

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In Washington DC, the biggest food truck event is Truckeroo which is held every month from April to October. The most recent one was last September 12, 2014 with 27 food trucks in attendance. The range of food being sold included Cajun, Spanish, Lebanese, Peruvian, Mexican, American, Vietnamese, and Mediterranean, Korean, Jamaican, and Italian cuisines. There were a wide selection of vegetarian, meaty, seafood, desserts, snacks, and drinks available. The servings were also varied from large plates, to shared platters and finger foods.

Truckeroo is known to be an all-day event from 11 in the morning to 11 at night with games, live music, and mass of people enjoying the free entrance event.

Last year, Truckeroo had a Halloween Trick or Treat theme. Aside from the 25 food trucks, games, and live bands, they also had a costume contest with $500 prize money for best costume! There is no announcement on any October event for this year and the group has said that the September event would be the last for the year.

Not to worry though since the food trucks will still be around the DC area. Here are some of the top favorites:


BBQ Bus considers itself a “roaming restaurant” where cooking is part creativity, part generosity.  It is owned and operated by Che and Tadd Tabisola and serve tried and tested recipes from home like ribs and chicken, smoky pulled pork sandwiches, and sidings. They also sell meat, sidings, and biscuits by the pound

Doug the Food Dude

Doug believes in serving MSG-free food because of a personal experience involving an allergic reaction to food preservatives. Thus, when you buy from Doug, you will get healthy, all-natural, fresh, delicious food like roasted pork, salmon wrap, egg rolls, veggie wrap, and gluten-free favorites served upon request.

Dolci Gelati Truck

This is DC’s first authentic gelato food truck run by Chef Gianluigi who creates amazing Italian ice cream flavors like Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Jalapeno, Kettle Corn Popcorn, and a lot more. The flavors are not always available and the chef likes to mix small batches everyday so you never know what will be available until you ask. Most exciting about this gelato truck is the ingredients used like Sicilian pistachios and Ecuador chocolates.

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