How to pick the best baby food steamer?

Are you looking for the safe, reliable, versatile, efficient, easy to use and affordable baby food steamer? But don’t know how you can choose the best baby food steamer, which works fast efficiently and durable too? Do not worry, because here in the subsequent guide we are going to share everything that will help you out to pick the best baby food steamer. Stay here with us! We will dive you in-depth about getting the best baby food steamer.

What is baby food steamer?

Baby food steamers are the custom device which steams vegetables, fruits and meat. It cooks foods without losing their flavour and nutrients. It will add flexibility in food preparation and will save moms precious time throughout the day.

best baby food steamer

How to pick the best baby food steamer?


This is the first-ever factor that you need to look over while picking baby food steamer. You should confirm that food steamer should construct in such a way that it will never harm your kids in any way. There are some plastics which contains lead, BPA, and phthalate that is unsafe for the health of your family; you should avoid them.  Secondly, ensure that the material of food steamers is shatterproof.


Check out how much time will it require you to assemble food steamer? Does it is easy to operate? You should ask these questions to yourself before selecting food steamer for your kid’s. Because you are already too busy, and you do not want to increase your workload.

Storage and portability

Select such food steamer which has a tiny footprint which makes this easy to store it and move it from one place to another.

Electric or manual

You will find both electric and manual food steamers in the market. If you can spend time in the kitchen with ease and have a tight budget, then select the electric one. But if you want something very efficient and faster, then buying an electric one is recommended. Electric models are expensive than manual food steamers. Select the best one which fit your budget and needs.


See the speed of food steamers. Choose the food steamers which get its work done quickly and in a short time. It should have the capability to prepare all foods correctly and efficiently.


As you are too busy and you do not have time to do cleaning duties. That’s why select such food steamers which are quick easy to clean. Choosing dishwasher safe units will be perfect for you. Pick the steamers, which also has a detachable blade which makes it’s cleaning easy.


Select such food steamers which are made up of solid material and can work for years. Also, select such products which have a warranty.


As the baby stomach is vulnerable and sensitive. Such models which are made up using low-quality materials can affect food texture, taste, and even can mix harmful elements with your baby foods. Spend some time to find the best brand of food steamers that meets all high-quality compliance and requirement.

Advantage of baby food steamer

Preserve taste and vitamins

Steam cooking distributes the steam which comes from water evaporation to cook the food entirely. In it, food never comes or processed into contacts with the charcoal smoke or stove to ensure the better preservation of its features.

Steaming avoids fats, and there are some fats which convert into fatty acids between cooking processes. Steaming food using food steamers is a very gentle way of cooking, in which foods are not browns. Steam heat spreads slowly and steadily within the meals.

Efficient and fast

Moms can use food steamers to steam food efficiently and quickly. It is a lifesaver for mummies who want to steam food in a hurry.

Produce healthy home food

Instead of relying on the prepackaged foods try food steamers, it will help you out to steam foods which are nutritious and healthy for your kids.


Sum Up

Steaming food using food steamers will help you in knowing what your kids are correctly eating. It is fresh and safe to use. Further, cooking food in foods steamers are quicker and healthier too. Remember to check all factors which require to pick the best baby food steamers.

The Best Cities To Buy Delicious Street Food

Ideally, you have 2 choices when it comes to street food. One, buy from immigrants and hope for the best or two, travel around and buy authentic street food from some of the world’s most amazing cities where the ambiance adds to the food adventure. Here are some of the top cities around the world where street food rocks!



One of nicest aspects of buying street food in Bangkok is the lovely sing-song accent of the Thais. Furthermore, most of the vendors are gracious and friendly to foreigners but what really makes Thai street food stand out is the taste and flavor. Their use of herbs and spices is going to make you want to buy more and head on to fine dining restaurants to see what else Thais can cook.

New York

Of all the cities in the U.S., New York could probably have the best in street food because of the diversity in selection. The city even has a walking tour of food trucks, carts and kiosks so in a few hours; you get to sample the best of the city’s street food.


Tokyo has a number of underground food establishments where every type of food is sold at pretty affordable prices including ramen, sushi, and yummy yakitori – and not from vending machines. Of all the countries, Japan probably has the highest standard in hygiene which is great for those who tend to be picky about where their food comes from.


The food scents and exotic flavor on the streets of Marrakesh is amazing. It’s a culinary delight to see specialty spices, meat, dried fruits, nuts, and all kinds of grains being sold on the street. Be sure to drop by Djemaa el Fna where you can buy delicious escargot from street vendors.

Rio in Brazil

Rio’s street food is a delightful mess of Brazilian, Japanese, and Portuguese flavors especially if you visit the beach areas and market place. Everything is sold like finger foods such as barbecued meats, cheese bread, empanadas and pita sandwiches.

Other cities that should interest you if you’re into street food are Mexico, Los Angeles, Chicago, Istanbul, Manila, Jakarta, Paris, and Seoul.

This Summer’s Top Food Trucks in Melbourne

Australia’s summer months start  in December and end in February thus it is the middle of the hot summer months Down Under and the Aussies are out having the time of their lives in beaches and water parks while most of North America and Europe are freezing. It also means that Australia’s food trucks are all out in full glory and aiming to entice tourists and locals to sample their food. Here are the top 10 best food trucks you can find in Melbourne out of the 81 food trucks roaming the streets of Melbourne.

The Taco Truck has over 40,000 Likes on social media has managed to captivate residents of Melbourne with its creative tacos. They offer 6 varieties of soft tacos with sidings and a rather extensive drinks list that includes wine, beer, and margaritas. And their fish tacos come highly recommended!

Beatbox Kitchen is owned by the same operator of the Taco Truck and is known as the first “real food truck” in Melbourne. It serves huge burgers and fries with generous servings of cheese. You can pile on the patties if you want for an additional price of $3. With more than 28,000 Likes on Facebook, this food truck either has a lot of friends or serves excellent burgers!

Gumbo Kitchen is another senior food truck that started its operations in 2011. It serves New Orleans cuisine which means spicy food with a lot of oomph especially their crispy pork belly.  Also popular on their menu are the hush puppies, buffalo fried chicken and of course, the gumbo.

Mr. Burger is one of the few food trucks that offer gluten free food. Their food is simple, hot, and spicy – if you want it with jalapenos. Although the feedback on Mr. Burger is split about 90% do agree that you should try their gourmet burgers at least once.

Happy Camper Pizza serves thin crust pizza with a variety of toppings even dessert toppings. Their food truck is a 1960s Airstream which in itself is a novelty already. Their pizza crust is crispy without being burnt and the ingredients are all high quality and fresh.  They are vegan friendly, accept orders for delivery, and will accept reservations.

Other food trucks that should be sampled are Ghost Kitchen (Taiwanese), Lil Nom Noms (Vietnamese), Yogurddiction, Hammer and Tong for its soft shell crab burger, and Little Mushroom Co for mushroom burgers.

The Food Truck That Sells Retired Horsemeat & Other Weird Food Truck Ideas

It’s called the Unwanted Animal Kitchen which doesn’t sound so appetizer even if you’re a vegan but this food truck is drawing quite a bit of attention because its unwanted meat is retired racing horsemeat.  Horse meat is not acceptable in many countries as table fare. In fact, in 2013, a scandal broke out in Europe after it was discovered that some beef products were found to contain a mix of beef and horsemeat instead. The problem raised back then is that if racing horses were used to manufacture these products, they could contain a drug known as phenylebutazone which prevents fever or treats pain in animals. It is not approved for human consumption.

Unwanted Animal Kitchen in Holland opened in 2011, 2 years before the scandal. It was part of an urban art project and serves deer, goose, crow, meerkat, and horse meat. The project was created to bring awareness to the thousands of geese killed by hunters because of the risk they present to aircrafts. Thus, instead of seeing the geese thrown away, they were used to make croquettes, soups, and other dishes.Unwantedanimalkitchen

Another controversial food truck is the “My Little Pony Burger” which also used retired race horse meat. This food truck had a commendable mission which was to address the economic crisis by buying retired race horses. Horse burgers are not as sellable as all beef burgers but there is a following.

Back in the US, there are some unusual food truck fare to be found especially in Austin. Although not controversial as the European food truck fare, the following food trucks have been creating a favorable stir among locals with their strange menus.

Chi’-Lantro – This food truck sells kimchi fries which is their bestseller in spite of the fact that it is nowhere close to its theme of Korean- Mexican fusion food.  However, they have proven to be successful and now have not just food trucks but its own brick and mortar in Austin and a catering service. Other items on their food truck menu are rib-eye or pork bulgogi, quesadilla with kimchi, and ramen.

Other Austin food trucks worth mentioning are the Peached Tortilla, Bananarchy, and Gourdough’s.

Finally, ever heard of the IBM computer that taking charge of a food truck, Watson? Watson is the same computer that went on the TV show, Jeopardy! in 2011 and won. Now, Watson is being given a set of ingredients and he has to come up with a dish which is served in a food truck called the IBM Cognitive Cooking food truck that went around the Southwest last year. This year the food truck is turning into a cookbook with recipes like Bengali Butternut Pumpkin Sauce and a Vietnamese kebab with strawberries!

How Profitable is a Food Truck Business?

Did you know that food trucks were once called “roach coaches?” This is because the original food trucks were a boring gray truck selling greasy food at dirt cheap prices. An even more compelling reason for the name was that the cooks were often unshaven, surly, and not-so-pleasant cooks who wished they had a better job.

That was then when the food trucks were akin to a backyard business with no high income prospects whatsoever. Today, you know that the food trucks look glorious, tempting, and chic. They are manned by friendly, chatty, and professional staff including a well-trained chef whose dishes are restaurant-quality and oh-so-delicious!

Does this mean that it’s a sure business to enter into? Here are the last year’s figures on food trucks. It will help you decide if putting up a food truck will be profitable enough for you.

  • The busiest day for a food truck in on a Monday
  • It’s a cash business with over 70% of the food trucks only accepting cash, no credit
  • The most successful food trucks are in New York and L.A.
  • Over 90% of those who buy from food trucks say it is not a fad and they plan to continue buying from these trucks
  • 70% of those who have never bought from a food truck remain hesitant
  • Three out of every 4 who buy from food trucks will eagerly try a new product or food from a new food truck

In short, it’s too early to pinpoint loyalties to any food truck brand which means it’s a good time to open a new food truck business. Also, since it is a cash business, you have money coming in everyday to cover your daily expenses. You also have a big market that have yet to try a food truck product and with the right marketing, it is possible to convert non-food truck persons.

The Costs Involved

Okay, so food trucks are a good idea as a new business however it is important to look at the costs and profit margin. In 2009, IBISWorld pegged sales from food trucks to reach a staggering US$1.2 billion and predicted a growth of 8.4% every year.

Compared to street carts and kiosks, the food truck has a heavy initial investment. For a used food truck, you can expect to spend around $30,000 without refurbishing. A brand new food truck could cost anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000. Other costs would be permits and licenses, salaries, utilities, fuel, packaging, raw materials, cooking ingredients and tools, printed material like receipts, menus, flyers, etc. Thus, depending on your standards, you could spend up to $200,000 to get your food truck business started or as low as $50,000 if you cut some corners.

With regards to daily sales, you need to initially target big spenders and those who buy from food trucks. Big spenders are willing to buy $100 worth of food a week according to a Gallup poll. They add that 10% of these buyers go as high as $300 a week.

With the right location, advertising, and food, the food truck business will succeed. Skip any one of these 3 factors and you might not see an ROI for a while.

The Dirty Ice Cream of Manila

One of the curious street foods in the Philippines is something called “dirty ice cream.” It is real homemade creamy ice cream made from local fruits. The traditional word for dirty ice cream is “sorbetes” similar “sorbet.”

The unique ingredient in sorbetes is coconut milk and when sold on the streets, the customer has a choice between putting the ice cream in a bread bun or on a small wafer cone. One scoop is equivalent to 1.5 tablespoon in weight and costs a mere 25 U.S. cents making it extremely affordable for anyone on a hot summer day.

The common flavors of dirty ice are cheese, mango, ube, and chocolate. Its history began during the American occupation of the Philippines where American ice cream made in Philippines used water buffalo’s milk instead of cow’s milk. Water buffalo’s milk was cheaper and easily available. Today new flavors have been introduced because of western influence like cookies and cream, mocha, and strawberry.

Peddlers of dirty ice cream do not have a permanent stand. They walk around the city streets and can also be hired for private parties. Some peddlers have taken to attacking their ice cream carts to a bike making it easier for them to reach farther places and sell more. Most often they are hired for a children’s party and the customer must pay for the entire contents of the cart for the 2 to 3 hour party.

You would wonder how these carts can keep the ice cream from melting especially under the hot tropical sun. The trick of the street vendors is the stuff the carts with shaved ice mixed with salt. This lowers the temperature and keeps the ice cream which is stored in metal canisters cold and frozen.

As to why it is called dirty ice cream – this was a mother’s warning to a child from buying street food that may not be safe to eat. In addition, the vendor usually never wears gloves. The government however has stepped and made sure that the vendors practice good sanitation and hygiene. The buns and wafer cones have to be wrapped in napkins so the vendor does not touch the food with his bare hands. However, in spite of the improvements, the name stuck and retained its name, dirty ice cream.

Foreigners who have tasted the ice cream claim that it is a great afternoon treat and has a different texture. The cheese flavor has tiny bits of cheese while the chocolate is very sweet and mild. As for the children on the street, the tiny tinkling of the bell is like music to their ears as they know the sorbetero is near.

The Top Food Trucks in Boston

Boston is a great place to be if you’re in search of new food trucks ideas or some of the best food trucks in the country. In 2011, there were only 8 food trucks during the first Food Truck Festival but a record number of Bostonians came to sample the food. Over 4,000 people were milling around these 8 trucks and some of them decided to join the businesses.

Today, there are over 200 food truck businesses in Boston and the Food Truck Festival has never been more popular. In 2012, they have hosted 7 festivals each one more successful than the last.

Some of the more popular food trucks in Boston are Boston Super Dog, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Bon Me, Jamburritos Cajun Grille, and Lefty’s Silver Cart. The overall concept in food trucks for Boston is either classic food done extremely well or something new and delicious like the Vietnamese food from Bon Me or the vegetarian sandwiches of Lefty’s Silver Cart.

The Boston Super Dog has a wide following and many of their loyal customers will swear loudly and with extreme conviction about the lusciousness of the dogs.  However, the hotdog sandwiches are not cheap but definitely something worth buying again and again. It is found in an industrial area which can be difficult to access because of the number of trucks that park there. It was originally called Speed and the creator of the hotdog recipe was 90 years old at the time the Speed food truck business started. He eventually sold the business to his manager who was responsible for changing the business name.

Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express is owned by Chef Brown and the food truck is usually around during the Food Truck Fridays or plying the streets of Boston. The specialty is the jamburrito which is affordable, loaded with flavor, and very addicting. It isn’t a food truck for kids but adults love it so much that latecomers would race to catch the truck as it drives away.

The Pun of Owning a Food Truck

The rate that food trucks are sprouting up all over the world, it is becoming quite difficult to find a catchy name for food trucks which is why a number of them are using pun names. Not only does this makes it easier to market the food truck concept, it is also great for branding.

Some of the more interesting food trucks that have used pun names are:

Carte Blanche Food Truck from Oregon – This food truck uses a vintage Airstream trailer as its food truck. It serves international dishes like Asian rice bowls, Mac and Cheese, sandwiches, crispy rice salad and cookies. All their ingredients are sourced locally and organic. Their menu changes with the season which explain the carte blanche or freedom they exercise to make these menu or any other adjustments  as they see fit.

The Dump Truck from Portland – They serve dumplings! And their food has been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel, among other shows and newspapers. They have been around since 2010 and have evolved very well from the original dumpling recipe they learned from a Chinese master in Beijing.

Bananarchy in Austin – This food truck sells bananas rolled and dipped whole into different kinds of dipping sauces and toppings. They claim a revolutionary experience because of what they add to the banana like crushed coffee beans, granola, cookies, and chocolate, among other choices.

Auto Bahn in Charleston – Auto Bahn serves Asian food like fresh spring rolls and Banh Mi sandwiches. Their reputation for good food is phenomenal and they have been getting excellent reviews on different online forums.  Although named after the German highway system, it’s hard to see the connection between the food concept and the pun name but they are a food truck that caters to everyone from vegan to meat lovers.

There are many more food trucks with pun names like The Patty Wagon, Lazy Sundae, Miso Hungry, Holy Rollers, Eataly, King of Pops, and Vincent Van Doughnuts.  What’s interesting to note is that only a fourth of the food trucks have pun names  related to their menu or concept and having a pun name is no guarantee of higher chances of success or faster ROI. At the end of the day, it’s still really all about flavor, price, and location.